XANDEM HOME is an easily installed system that helps families respectfully monitor their loved ones, without requiring them to wear devices or change their habits.


Mobile Checkup

XANDEM allows family members and caretakers to easily check on their loved ones from anywhere and at any time of day using a phone, tablet, or desktop.

History and playback

XANDEM services record motion so that caretakers can review motion throughout the day and night. This gives caretakers the ability to spot anomalies that may be caused from a sickness or trauma event.


XANDEM doesn't require those being tracked to wear a device. Not only is this more convenient, it ensures that emergencies are caught regardless of the actions of the elderly.

Respectful of privacy

XANDEM is not based on video or photos, so it preserves the privacy of those being monitored.


XANDEM has the option to remain completely hidden from view. The devices can be easily installed behind furniture, inside closets, or even inside the walls.

Full Coverage

XANDEM senses movement over the entire home. There are no "blind spots" in the monitoring that lead to confusion about where someone is and when they last moved. 


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