How accurate is the tracking?

Typically XANDEM tracking is accurate within about 5-10 feet for most installations. The accuracy can be affected by how many nodes you have, over how large of an area the nodes are spread (denser is more accurate), how dense the walls are, and the exact placement of the nodes.


Will it work across multiple floors?

You will need one kit for each floor of the house that you want to cover. If you have a two-story home, and want to cover both floors, you'll need two kits


Does XANDEM have apps for iOS/Android?

Our Android app is currently in beta testing. Our iOS app is under development and has not been released for testing yet.

Our web app supports most browsers and works well on desktop and mobile platforms.


What is the XANDEM CLOUD?

XANDEM runs special servers in order provide XANDEM users with remote access from any Internet-connected device. XANDEM CLOUD is optionalYou can use XANDEM without the cloud service, but you won't be able to connect to the system unless you are on the same local area network (LAN). If you're a technical person, you can set up port-forwarding to reach your XANDEM system.


Do I have to sign a service contract?



Do I need internet access?

If you plan on receiving notifications, alarms, and using your system remotely, you will need an internet connection. If you don't have an internet connection, you can still arm/disarm the system and integrate it with smart audio and lighting systems on your home network, and you don't need XANDEM CLOUD to do so.


Does XANDEM replace my existing system?

It’s entirely up to you. XANDEM works as a stand-alone system, or you can integrate it to your existing solution. Connecting XANDEM to another panel via wire contacts requires the PRO version.


Can I set up XANDEM myself?

Yes. You can install XANDEM in about 15 minutes with the plug-in nodes. We also have options for professional/commercial hard-wired installations.


Is XANDEM just for houses?

No. You can use XANDEM anywhere you'd like. It'll work just fine in your apartment, business, office, garage, or other facility. You'll need an internet connection if you want to receive notifications or control your system from elsewhere.

Will XANDEM plug-in nodes work with international outlets?

Yes. Our devices are built to handle 110V-240V, but you might need plug converters. 


Is XANDEM harmful to my health?

No. XANDEM HOME transmits about 500 times less power than a single cell phone and less power than your WiFi router.


Will XANDEM  interfere with my other wireless devices?

XANDEM HOME operates around 2.4 GHz, which is the same part of the radio spectrum as WiFi and ZigBee devices, but interference issues are generally very minimal. 


Does XANDEM call the police when an alarm is triggered?

No. XANDEM HOME will alert you and anyone else that you specify. You can use the mobile tracking app to see where and when people move in real-time and decide if you need to call the police, a trusted neighbor, or check it out yourself. XANDEM can also trigger siren sounds via external speakers to scare intruders away.


Does XANDEM work for "stay-at-home" or "night time" security?

Yes, as long as you don't sleep/move within the area being covered by XANDEM while it's armed. We are currently working on updates to the software so that you can exclude the areas where you want to move at night while the system remains armed. These software updates will be available for free at a future date.


Will my pet cause false alarms?

It depends on how large the pet is. You can adjust the sensitivity of XANDEM to compensate for the movement of your pet. This typically works for small cats and dogs under 25 lbs. Larger pets can still be eliminated, but sensitivity has to be reduced more. Some of our customers have been able to use the system effectively for pets up to 65 lbs, but it will take some trial-and-error with the sensitivity settings.


Does XANDEM track multiple people?

XANDEM can locate multiple areas of motion as long as the people moving are about 10-15 feet apart as they move.


What if the power goes out? / Does it have battery backup?

XANDEM PRO systems have multiple options for battery backup. You can set up notifications and other automated actions if a node loses power.


What if a node gets unplugged?

You can choose how the system will respond when a node gets unplugged, e.g., send notification, sound an alarm, etc.


How far apart can I place the nodes?

The distance between nodes is not as much of a factor as the number of nodes over the total area. Try to surround the area with nodes as uniformly as possible, and place one or two on interior walls, but don't worry if it's not perfect. XANDEM is flexible. More nodes in a given area will lead to higher detection and location accuracy.


How does the siren/audio output work?

The XANDEM gateway has a standard 1/8" audio output so you can hook it up to whatever kind of audio system you'd like.  If you have another home audio system that offers integration through a REST API, you can trigger it with XANDEM using the rules engine "CALL URL" feature.


How secure is it?

We use high-level commercial security standards to protect your data. All communication between your XANDEM gateway, the XANDEM cloud service, and your smart phone is encrypted using SSL (HTTPS).


Does it work with connected things? (thermostat, lights, camera, etc.)?

XANDEM is designed to integrate with any connected device that can be controlled via a URL call. This means it will work with most connected-home products that have IP-based integration features.


Can I build my own apps with XANDEM HOME?

Yes! XANDEM HOME has software APIs that can be used to develop any application or service that benefits from knowing when and where people move. See the XANDEM HOME APIs AND INTEGRATION section above.