Every XANDEM system is built of two components, the “nodes” and the “gateway.” The nodes are installed around the detection area, and can be deliberately hidden behind walls and furniture if necessary. They form a safe sensing web using radio waves that travel through walls and furniture, each one connecting to all of the others.

When a person moves within the area, their body disturbs the radio waves as they travel from node to node over a sensing link. These disturbances are analyzed within the devices, and the motion is both detected and located. It is important to note that each node is not actually a sensor by itself. The wireless network and the radio waves traveling from point to point is the sensor.

The XANDEM Gateway responds to motion events and conditions by performing actions that are set up by the user/installer. The gateway is capable of sending an email/text, calling a URL, changing the state of a hardware relay to trigger a panel, and more. XANDEM systems can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated to other systems via hardware and software integration methods.