From Inc. Magazine:

"You won't find apps or Angry Birds here. Check out five ambitious companies pursuing big, bold ideas.

Award-winning Tech startup Xandem has been causing quite a stir with its motion sensor system that ‘sees through walls’. The US-based company produces plastic nodes the size of credit cards that can be embedded in walls or even furniture – meaning you end up with an invisible security system.

“The demand came for a completely invisible means to detect presence,” says Nathan Williams, director of Redwood. “The project required that even with a very high specification of smart home, very little technology should be on show due to the interior design implications.

SALT LAKE CITY—Xandem is a startup company based here that’s attracted some mainstream media attention and technical awards, as well as interest among some security integrators who think the company’s motion sensor system may solve some common security problems.

Xandem makes playing-card-sized plastic nodes that can be embedded in walls, beams or furniture. The nodes form a mesh connection of sensors that can detect motion “through” walls, furniture and other obstacles.

(CNNMoney) -- Imagine a real-life version of Harry Potter's magical Marauder's Map, which showed the location of everyone prowling throughout Hogwarts castle. That's what startup Xandem is building: a new kind of all-seeing motion-detection system that's poised to shake up the security market.

Xandem was recently mentioned as an example of the University of Utah's ability to commercialize new technologies.

"The technologies driving the new businesses are developed by students working under faculty guidance. Case in point: Joey Wilson, who graduated with a doctorate in electrical engineering last year, is now the CEO of Xandem—a company he started in 2009 while attending U of U. The radio-wave technology he developed allows the company's customers to see through walls.

An article in the October 15, 2009 print edition of The Economist entitled "Looking Beyond: Through-the-Wall Vision" features Xandem's innovative location technologies.

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