What do I do if I get false triggering?

    False triggering is almost always caused by one of the following issues:

    Sensitivity threshold is too low

    With any detection device, there is a trade-off between detection sensitivity and false triggering. If other methods of reducing false triggering are not working, consider raising the sensitivity threshold to a higher value.

    Abrupt water flows

    Fast water flows through plastic pipes and appliances can cause false triggering. What to do: Make sure nodes are at least 6 feet from any appliances that pump water (dishwashers, ice makers, condenser units, etc). Make sure nodes are at least 6 feet from plastic water pipes. * Try setting the trigger count to 3 and trigger period to 1 minute.

    Large movement near the perimeter of the detection area

    When walls are thin materials like drywall and glass, the system may become sensitive when someone moves on the outside of the detection area. What to do:

    • Make sure that all nodes are at least 6” away from swinging doors on the outside of the detection area.
    • Make sure no nodes are placed in window sills.
    • Try placing a 12” x 12” sheet of foil or metal plating on the outside of the nodes to prevent the RF waves from traveling to the outside of the detection area.
    • Try moving nodes away from the problematic area.

    Trees and wind

    XANDEM is not designed to be used in areas near trees. When trees blow in the wind it can cause repeated false triggering. What to do: Move the nodes further away from the trees. Remove trees and foliage from the area.

    Rain and snow

    Heavy precipitation can cause XANDEM to false trigger in outdoor environments. What to do: Try placing nodes where precipitation will not directly hit the TMD node enclosures. Adjust sensitivity as needed for your application.

    Pet Movement

    If your pet is triggering your XANDEM system, try the following:

    • Make your system less sensitive by adjusting it in the "settings" page of the user interface.
    • Move the nodes to areas where the pet won't get within a few feet. The motion detection is most sensitive near nodes.

    How do I perform a factory reset of the nodes?

    1. Hold the button down until the LED begins flashing.
    2. While the LED flashes, click the button 10 times.
    3. Hold the button down until the LED changes colors.
    4. Click the button 10 times, again.
    5. Hold the button down until the LED begins flashing again. It will flash 10 times and then will reset to factory defaults.

    How do I file bug reports?

    Please contact us at if you discover bugs within the software.